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Liz Tucker

LIZ TUCKER BSc (Hons) BA (Hons)

Liz Tucker is a well know Health Advisor, regularly appearing on radio and television and contributing to a whole range of mainstream magazines and newspapers including a weekly column in the Sunday telegraph and also appearing as GMTV's Stress Expert, TVs Health Detective, Take A Breaks "Junkbuster", Top Sante "Binge Doctor." Liz has also written a range of health books, The Good Health Guide, Understanding Food Intolerance and When You Want to Say Yes but Your Body Says No, published by Harper Collins.

Keen to promote personal health awareness in both work and private environments, Liz runs a range of lifestyle health, stress and weight related courses at Champneys where she is their Health and Wellbeing Consultant. She also has a clinic at the Hurlingham Spa and Clinic in Fulham, conducts Health Audits in the workplace and travels the country giving talks to raise personal health awareness.

She also works as a consultant in the food and health industry, working to improve or develop healthier products. She is very interested in Eco-nutrition and finds every available opportunity to promotes its values

I must stress that I am not a health saint who goes around bossing people about and telling them to sort themselves out. I acquired this job purely through fate after suffering endless health related problems all through my 20s and severe ME through my 30s. After changing simple things like my diet and attitude towards stress my health was not just restored but I became healthier than I had ever been in my entire life. I then needed to know why no one could tell me why I had been so ill and how I recovered when the general diagnosis said I wouldn't. I went back to university to find some answers and ended up studying first psychology then biology and finally nutrition.

"Although I know the theory, I am a real person, real life happens to me as well, and a lot of the time it is not pleasant. For example after being a bit smug about getting over my ME so successfully, I had a serious car accident so I know as well as anyone that there is always some sort of battle going on between the inevitable bad things in life and the threat to health and wellbeing. Knowing what makes you feel fit and healthy, having life skills to help you through difficult situations, making the most of what you have and making time for the important things in life makes living that little bit easier, less scary and much more rewarding. Feeling great under the difficult circumstance of living is what I aim to achieve. And if I can do it, believe me anyone can!

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